COM 561 Adobe Projects

Part of my job is to outreach about energy conservation. I decided to create a flyer of three short tips to saving energy. I took the three pictures on the right myself and had to use the magnetic lasso tool to edit the background of each of the photos to make it black; matching the black of the background photo.

As for that background photo, I was able to find it on Pixabay with a CFL bulb. I originally had a background image with a normal light bulb but with a suggestion from my peer, I changed it to the CFL one you see.

With another suggestion, I also added a URL on the bottom of the CFL bulb as a place a person could to for more information. The text is much smaller and colored white so it matches but still looks a little different from the other text on the flyer.

Finally, the titling just worked out to be put on the bottom, especially the way the CFL bulb was positioned for the background image. I think the layout of the all the elements to create this just worked in harmony with one another to create the entire flyer.

The logo I made above is from a new initiative that my office is involved with call “Drive Electric Hawaii.” The initiative was created to promote the use of electric cars in the state. Drive Electric Hawaii helps pave the way toward the state’s goal of 100% renewal energy by 2045.

The difference from my rough draft to this final draft is very stark when compared. I’ve received a lot of great feedback from my group members. Unfortunately, as much as I loved how the draft version looked, I made the decision to take the text outside of the circle and move it over the right-hand side (as you see it now). I think that it enhanced the readability of the logo if it were on something small like a pen or sticky pad.

Some key changes I made were move the circle and also separating the pins from the plug itself – that create a hidden “happy face” which I think is fun. Another minor change I made was to place an “okina” in “Hawaii” between the two “i” letters which is a Hawaiian diacritical to be more proper of the language and have an innate sense of localness for Hawaii residents.

For this project, I switched up the focus from energy and focused on outreach itself. I interviewed my colleague from another division, who’s just like me – a person who does education outreach. I wanted to create an explanative story discussing all aspects of what it like to do outreach.

I used the Voice app on my iPhone for the recording. The interview was done in one sitting. I gave her the questions I wanted to ask ahead of time so she could be well prepared with answers. I knew I wanted to narrate my portion so I also recorded myself on the iPhone separate from the interview.

After some great feedback, I rerecorded my narration to define what “DCCA” meant and changed up my introduction and conclusion. I also edited out even more “uh” and “um” which I thought was much cleaner than before.

Lastly, I also needed to lower the volume of the music playing the background so not to distract from my narration. I appreciate the feedback I received and I think it definitely improved from the draft version of the audio interview.

For my last project, I decided to focus on water conservation – another aspect of my job when doing outreach. I was inspired by watching a Reuter’s video on Youtube. I liked that “point-of-view” aspect of a video. I own a GoPro camera that I thought it was a great opportunity to put it to use.

I borrowed my office’s camera equipment as it came with a wireless microphone. We also went “on location” to two different beaches to film the scenes with me in them. I was tough for sound but I think the wireless microphone helped.

All the other shots were filmed with my GoPro which allowed me to get it wet and place it certain spots that you wouldn’t get with a normal camera. As for the slide with texts for the other tips, I played around with that a lot but landed on what you see in the final video.

Lastly, I added in our department’s logo as a “bug” that’s on screen the entire time. I also created the lower third for my name in Illustrator and brought it in to Premiere Pro. It was really fun creating all the elements to piece this together and by far my favorite project of the course.