Draft Video Story

Of all the four units we’ve worked on this semester, it’s video that I’m most familiar with. While I don’t shoot and edit video much for work, I love to dabble in it as a hobby (when I can find time). For this project, I wanted to touch upon water conservation. In earlier projects, I covered energy conservation, but water is also part of my work outreach as well.

I decided on creating a public service announcement (PSA) on saving water. It’s a cross between an informational video and a promotional one. However, the best approach I wanted to take was at a “point-of-view” stance after watching a Reuter’s video on Youtube. I purchased a GoPro camera last year and thought it would be a great opportunity to put it to use.

I’m almost never in front of the camera but for this video shoot, I knew I was the only talent that could do it. So, I enlisted my capable husband to be behind the camera. I borrowed my office’s camera equipment mainly because it came with a wireless microphone. This video was shot with a Canon VIXIA HF G30 digital video camera and my GoPro Hero4 action camera.

I’d like to preface my shooting process by emphasizing that, I AM NOT AN ACTOR! With that said, shooting the scenes with my on-camera dialogue took what felt like forever. I created a script based off an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) brochure I have in the office. We went to the beach park after work to film but because of my many script outtakes and hair flubs (as well as sound issues with wind, airplanes and crowds of people), we lost the sunlight in a short amount of time. We had to continue filming at a different location a couple of days later. That was ill-planned on my part as I thought I could get all the filming done before dark but didn’t factor in all the elements that could delay shooting.

Filming the GoPro shots was actually tons of fun. We shot around our house and despite wasting water (how ironic), wasting toothpaste and getting drenched from the shower, at least it forced my husband and I to clean our bathroom and bathtub for the shoot. There’s this really cool option to use their GoPro app when filming. It made it very easy to set up the camera shot in the planter and in the washing machine with the GoPro.

When it was finally time for editing, organization was my best friend. With so many takes, I had to set up bins to make sense of all the clips. I organized bins by camera, then scene, and what was usable and not. That made editing “easier” in terms of having to sift through numerous clips.

My editing process deviated from my original storyboard but I think that organically happens when you start looking through footage and seeing “new” things. Sound is what I worked on the most in Premiere as I wanted the foley sounds of water of the shot overlay with the voiceover dialogue, too. So that was most challenging.

I may consider adding music to the video but I did like the sounds of the ocean waves. If I end up using that, I may need to pump up the sound for it higher but still on the fence for that. But otherwise, I hope the video served its purpose and viewers got the gist of the “story.”

Here’s my storyboard for the PSA:

Timestamp Video Audio
0:00 [CU zoom out to MS] Jessica speaking on camera. Introduction of self and water conservation tips.
0:22 P.O.V. of a hand grabbing the water hose. [V.O.] About watering plants.
0:25 P.O.V. of plant with shot of person watering plant. (Plant is getting watered on). [V.O.] About watering plants with foley sounds of the water spray.
0:29 CU of bathroom sink with Jessica putting toothpaste of the toothbrush. [V.O.] About turning off the faucet while brushing teeth.
0:30 P.O.V. of toothbrush with toothpaste moving under the faucet water flow. Continue voiceover script.
0:33 MS of Jessica beginning to brush her teeth. Jessica continuing script dialogue voiceover.
0:35 CU shot of water spout running water onto bathtub. [V.O.] About taking a shower instead of a bath with foley of the water shower.
0:39 P.O.V. of a person looking up to the shower head and the water spouts directly onto the camera when turned on. Continue voiceover script.
0:43 P.O.V. of inside a washing machine with Jessica adding laundry inside with the last piece of clothes onto the camera. [V.O.] About washing laundry.
0:49 Text slate with two bullet points appearing one bullet point at a time timed with the V.O. dialogue. [V.O.] About two extra tips to saving water.
1:02 Jessica talking to camera. Closing statement.
1:11 Closing title scroll includes credits over continuous video playing from last shot. Music playing.
1:20 Division’s office contact information. Music fades.

4 thoughts on “Draft Video Story

  1. Wow, your video is awesome! I really liked your hook followed by your introduction; I think that sets up your PSA well. Overall, I think your entire story has good flow and I like how you kept it playful and fun, and your ending scene is perfect for that. Your camera shots are great; I like how you incorporated different angles-especially the washer shot and the shower shot, it keeps your video visually entertaining, which I think would make viewers more likely to watch the entire PSA all the way through. Maybe to improve, for your bathtub scene, zoom out to encompass the entire tub. Then on your tips scene, have the tip you’re talking about pop-up and then when you suggest your next tip, have the previous tip scroll up a little bit. But, overall I think your video it great and I really enjoyed watching it! It definitely shows that you are passionate about your subject and really makes me want to take a vacation to Hawaii 🙂 It’s been a very cold and rainy spring in Washington.


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  2. lacotelocale


    I thought your video was on point and really liked how you explained your subject matter while providing engaging visuals. I don’t have much to suggest, but here are a few things I noticed:

    1. In the initial shot, the background noise is a little loud. I like that you included it, but I would turn down the volume to make sure others can hear you. I would also talk a little slower because you are sharing a lot of great tips and information for the audience to digest.
    2. When you provide us with other tips to save water, maybe include some examples of Watersense labeled toilets and energy star washing machines. I think one or two links would suffice.

    Overall, I think you did a great job explaining your topic, providing examples and leaving me wanting to learn more about what you do. Great visuals and video footage added to your project.

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  3. Hey Jess-

    I really liked your PSA it looks like something I would see produced for PBS here! I also really liked your tips. One thing I noticed was that you ended with “Until then I’m going to go enjoy the water” and then you showed yourself walking away from the water. That may have been a good time to just pan out. Additionally you have a fairly long ending where you just show the water then pan out to black seems like a lot of that was dead time that could be cut off at the end maybe you can move the transition to black up to cut off the dead time at the end of the video. I did like seeing all the different elements you had in conservation and thought you did a really good job with your visual representation. Overall I think you have a really quality piece of work and only have that one suggestion for the ending. Good job!


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  4. I knew when I was piecing this together that the list of other tips would probably be the weakest part of the video. I have a consensus from my group that maybe a show of examples or how the tips are visually represented could have a second thought. I think I’ll have to find a way to get visuals of my examples and use that as a background instead of the Waikiki evening skyline.

    I may even consider putting text of the tips on top the video that’s playing for each section. I think that might help with understanding much better. There was also a suggestion to speak slower for each tip. I’ll try to slow the audio track down or may have to re-record the whole voiceover section.

    I’m still debating whether I should end with music. I think it all depends if I find the right one that would work for it. I almost do like the sounds of crashing waves as an ending when the credits roll but I’ll have to play around with it.


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