4 thoughts on “Draft Logo Project

  1. Your logo is great! It took me a long time to try to come up with anything to suggest to improve. I really like your use of colors and your choice of fonts, especially the “electric” and using it to flow into a plug, to me that stood out the most. I agree that your choice of shades for the green and blue are similar to “recycling”, which help give it that “clean energy” feel.
    Before reading your write up, I will admit I did not recognize your green circle as a steering wheel. I do think it, on top of your choice of color and the stitching for it make it compliment your logo perfectly though. One suggestion to incorporate the vehicle into your design, instead of a steering wheel, could be using the gray portion of your design and making that into a road. You could use the same stitching technique that you used for your green circle, except use a yellow shade. It may take away from the clean look of your logo and make it look to cluttered though. So it may not be worth it.
    My other suggestion for improvement, would be to bring the lettering up a tiny bit. To me it seems centered slightly low, but that could be because there is more white space on top since the plug is below.
    But overall I think your design is great and captures clean energy. I could definitely see it used as part of a marketing campaign.


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  2. lacotelocale


    I love the background you gave on your project. I think your logo is one of the best I’ve seen. To start, the colors you chose to remind me of nature which connects the theme of driving electric cars to improve the environment. I also like the stitching you put into the circle and the electricity plug is spot on.

    My suggestions are:
    1. Use two fonts instead of three to make things look more uniform. At a glance, this isn’t a big deal, but I think making the fonts similar will add to the professionalism.
    2. Add a date-maybe the 2045 goal of the project to show the impact this will have by that year. I think adding this will give some depth to the logo.

    Overall, I think you did a great job and look forward to seeing the final logo.

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  3. Jessica-

    Wow- I mean just wow. This to me looks like a professional logo someone would pay for. I’m super impressed. When you say you’re not a designer I’d have to say that is something you should look into because I think you’re really good at it. When I first saw your logo I thought car and thought road, but then saw that it was green. One suggestion I would have you consider. The outside portion of your outline already looks like a road? I’d have you consider making the outline look like blacktop with the yellow dotted line like you would see on a road to tie back to your theme. I think you were very ambitious on this and it looks wonderful another suggestion may be to blend the c with the cord a little more. It looks a little ridged right where it breaks off the C like the cable is kinked. I’m sure that was not easy like you say to get looking even as good as it does and I think it’s a wonderful element to your design. I like the refreshing color choices and the font you used for “electric” one thing that throws me is it doesn’t look like any of your words use the same font. (I think the electric) should stand out since you are using it as a design element, but would suggest keeping the same font for both Drive and Hawaii. One again I really enjoyed your design great job!


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  4. After mulling over my design the past few days, I think I’m deciding to move the text outside of the steering wheel. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the readability of the text (especially when it’s small) to make it bigger.

    The cord and plug are definitely the most fun part about the logo. If I move the text, I will need to find a way to reincorporate the cord as it connects to the letter “c” in electric.

    Some feedback I got about the fonts where that they weren’t same (aside from the word “electric”). I thought that was interesting because “drive” and “Hawaii” are the same font – it’s just “drive” is italicized and maybe because “Hawaii” is in all caps? I may have to un-italicize “drive” to make it appear that they are the same font.

    There were also some comments about a road theme with the stitching. I may dabble into playing with the gray and yellow stitching to resemble a road and see how that pans out.


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